11 year old girl gets pregnant

I laughed and then, I think my inner demon cried a little.


WHY? I wish they’d just roll over and use a condom or learn how to take the pill or I donno, punch their ovaries till they’re useless. Or Just DIE!!!

Then this got me thinking,

Youngest mother? She was 5 years old.


Snopes gives more detail: Link

List of youngest mothers in the world: Wiki Link

Are you suprised that the first three entries are from Peru? I found it amusing. Also, it’s interesting how the human body can just fuck up on you.


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  1. your fucked up in the head, funny though

  2. whicih wierd prick wud do a 5year old n get them pregnant

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that’s just fucked up

  4. I’m 11 and the some thing happend to me exceped I just got Pregnant a mounth ago. It’s hard. I really hate it but hey it happened

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Im 11 but im not pregnant. AND IM GLAD!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I havn’t even gotton my period yet!

  7. im 11 and whoever is pregnant at the age of 5 or 11 is a dumb***.Honestly,Its like bad enough if your 13 and Pregnant!how could a 5 year old live having a baby it is crazy!Plus the kid was 4 and had pubic hair and BOOBS!and it bugs me inside to be 5 years apart with you OWN child!

    I dont even have my period yet!

    And not only that but a girl from Florida got pregnant at the age of 11 too!
    and that is just sickining.Who would do it at that age!!!EWWWWW
    id go suicide!(just kidding) but really atlease an Abortion!=]

  8. kids who get pregnant are so stupid. i mean who has sex at age 11 years im 11. and all u kids having sex should be a shame of there selfs dont do sex i mean i like a guy but not that much. just stop think wut u about to do DONT DO SEX!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roxeanne Says:

      hey!i got raped and now i am pregannt… my mother said she wants me to get a abortion…i told my BFF and she gave me this medicine so i can get rid of the twins.Now im not pregnant! 🙂

      • thts wrong even if you were raped…. thts bull shit… you should never get an abortion… thts killing your own baby… i would hate to see you when u get older…. u nasty girl…. u should have considered adobtion over abortion… atleast your babies would have a good life unlike yours…

      • the 1 who never made a BABY Says:

        omg like dats lowsy u shudnt kill inasent children like dat just have dem and put dem up for an adoption cuz dats sad

      • what the hell getting raped where have you been and what have you been doing!

    • Anonymous Says:

      see one think is god wants us to have sex so we will have more people but i think that u should not have sex in tell u are at least 20 becuse u should not do it in tell about that time

  9. i think its sad for those kid.
    well i cant say much cuz im 13
    and i dont know anyone of my age whose preganent

  10. wow. thats wierd. im 11 and like i dont no any girls even at the high shcools in my state that are pregnant. i think its rong and whoevers the father is a sick rong bas****.

  11. My best friend is 11, and recently told me today, that she is pregnant by a 16 year old. I busted out crying with her. Her mom and dad know and some teahers know, also everyone at school already knows. Its sad and she is havinmg a hard time right now. I worry though, what if she tries to kill the baby or kill herslef, she already cuts and hurts herslef so I am very worried about her. My mom told me that I can still be friends with her cause she trusts me and my friend needs me right now more than anything, she need some supprot and help.
    October 27, 2008

  12. Anonymous Says:

    okay so im 13 i have friend that are pregnant…not my own age but hey what else to say but…shit happens…and all this shit about a 5 year-old being prego is bullshit…okay A. her reproduction system isnt even woking yet B. she hasnt had her period…gaurentee it and C. she would die…her body wouldnt have been able to handle it all!!
    look i know im only 13 but i just lost my child! i wuz 3 months and got knockd up by an 18 year-old who walkd out on me the day we found out! im not saying its right fer all u lil kidies to be out there having sex an whatever. but trust me u have ur entire lives to settle down and make something out of ur self… and by getting knoked up ur only making a slut outa ur slef!!

    i dont wunna hear about any of my friends getting prego…i love those girlies and i dont want them to have to go through what i did! went totaly suicidal and almost killd myself! but NO I DID NOT KILL MY BABY! im in heavy duty counseling and i dont want anyone to ever have to go through this hell!!!


  13. i dont if im prgnant or not but i think i am

  14. u stupid little girl
    u r seriously taking away ur childhood
    i mean i thought just having ur period was taking it away but now that i no 11 yr olds are getting knocked up i will change my mind
    u only came into the world a while ago and now ur having a baby
    fuck u

    • ok i kinda agree wit u!! i mean if u 11 and prego than well… think of the child u r going to have! i mean u aint gonna be able to raise it correctley! it needs someone who knows wat is doing!!!

  15. I seriously can not believe this. I’m eleven, and I defiantly wouldn’t ruin my childhood in that way! So, just remember, if your twenty or below and prenant, I hope you knwo that you just completely threw away your childhood. And you are killing kids minds. Just saying…

  16. i got pergent at the age of 11 and 13 i fill so stuped i mean i didnt want it to happen but my life is fuc***messed up . and i kinda was drunk

  17. and it was to an 18 yaer old and a 16 year old but now im in trement and dont get to see eather of them my two baby boys so dont have SEX with out a condom and dont drink.. LOL no but dont have SEX it may be fun or what ever it is to you but dont do it im so sorry blake from misty`s cuz A.h your old girlfrind frome pierre by the whay im 13 By

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  19. i am 11 n i had sex yesterday n i dont regret it me n my bf didnt want to use a condom so we didnt i am well excited we woz like oooh ohh yeh baby yes yes yes it woz well fun

  20. umMmM..... Says:

    i am goin out wiv a 16 yr old and all he wonts is sex of me and i am 12.. i did it one and it was gd… my sister had a baby at the age of 12 and again at 16 is wishes she never did it now…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    i am a preog and i am 11 my name is summer and i can not tell my mom

  22. Anonymous Says:

    the best way to have sex is get drunk
    then go to the park
    get undressed
    fuk the person
    then all good
    dats wot i did

  23. hey im 11 and im a month pregnant there is something called rape and for all you dumb*** people out there saying where stupid and retarded there is something called rape and i got raped and now im pregnant its not my fault so before you press submit comment look at what you type and then press it now im going to be on my merry fukin way just watch what you say


    Happy New Years DUMBASSES

  24. hey im 11 and i have sex of course i was raped i didnt get prgnet withch is good but some girls get raped by the way i mean cum on you ppl u shouldnt b talkin sh*t

  25. Orite Ppl I Just Wanna Say That Am 14 And Pregnant Am Not Ashamed!
    I Told Mah Mum Straight Away She Was Okay With It What Could She Do Shout And Tell Me Tah Get Rid Ov It…Thats Sick!
    I Love Your Comments…..You Guyz That Are Around The Same Age As Me Them Lil Kids Dat Reckon That They Are Pregnant Are Sick In Da Head, Aint They?
    Just Some Advice 11, 12 Year Old’s You Will Know When You Are Really Pregnant And You Wont Be Lying Then Because It’s Serious Shit You Dont Joke About Shit Like That!
    If You Wanna Talk More Add Me On MSN At: Luci_Buzzing_07@hotmail.co.uk
    Luv Yah

  26. wtf! i am 11 years old! if you ask me, i say pregnant at 11 is slutty and not right! i mean we have all done bad things but to actually go so far as to meet a guy where there is a bed and take off ur clothes and touch eactherr is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssstttttttttyyyyyyy! dont say u cant control it either cuz obviously there is sumthin ur doin to get pregnant!

  27. Er I’m 12 and I’m not pregnant but I mean c’mon who gets pregnant at that age ewwwwww I mean like 14 is bad but 11! Yucky!I haven’t even had a bf yet or sex I’ve had my period and it’s weird cuz like my first one was in november and now its January ok anyway off topic! Now any of you girls at age 11 havin sex need to act like a fucking kid a little longer I want a kid at age 29 ok so all ya’ll little preggy 11 year olds are so stupid! GET A LIFE HAVE A JOB GO TO COLLEGE GET A HOUSE LIVE AND THEN GET PREGGY OTHER WIZE DONT HAVE SEX!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      You cant say that im 12 and i had sex more than 14 times but i was 10 the frist time i had sex and have pms and i told my moma but he had a condom to but shit happens and age is noting but a number get that in yall heads and i been thew alot of shit in my life i just stop doing drugs and im not being mean thats the dam trueth

  28. 11 year old girls are just fooled by their 20 year old boyfriends.
    Little Girl: “I don’t want to get pregnant!”
    20 yr Old BF: “don’t worry, baby. if you’re on top, it’s impossible to get pregnant!”
    ..3 minutes later.
    BF: “I gotta go work on a truck, I’ll MySpace you later babe.”

  29. dang. im eleven dont even say bad words, never had sex, never plan too til im like 20~ thats gross

  30. omg thats so frikin wrong! those gals are BAD! i cant imagine to ever do that!!!!!! thats horrible! even kissing is too far! god! * uhhhhh!* ~

    • Anonymous Says:

      Now now listen. Sex at this age is wrong. I am 12 – kissed loads of girls plenty of times but never sex! It’s your own responsibility if you want sex or not and if you do, use a condom until you’re officially an adult.

  31. Kissing isn’t That bad I’ve kissed a boy b4 and it was AMAZING and theres no prob with it but sex icky

  32. look im twelve and suggest u dont get preg caz im preg right now
    and trust im going through i wanna tell yall out there use
    a condom

  33. Im 14 & havent had sex yet but im not saying its wrong for all you kiddies out there to do it. But if u guys do have sex, dont be dumb. Use a condom or sumthin cause if u dont, you could ruin your whole childhood. I have a friend whos pregnant and trust me her life has gotten pretty fucked up because of it.

  34. TWISTED_GIRL Says:

    ok first of all let me tel tell ya’ll children to be respectful towas the other kids. ofcourse it’s upsetting to hear about 11 year olds gosh even 18 year olds being pregnant but sometimes its not their choice there’s sick people out there that take advantage of kids. now with that being said I move on to my second point. If you’re under age an you chose to have sex think twice not only pregnancy results from having unprotected sex, there’s a lot of sexually transmitted diseases out there. one of the most common aones being “CHLAMYDIA” or also known as “CHLAM”. I was a dumn teenager once thinking nothing could happen to me well it did I got chlAMYDIA. Since most of the time theres no symptoms I went on without noticing it for about 4-5 years I believe until I started having some lower abdominal pain I went to go get checked and it turned out I had it. its curable but it does a lot of damage. now because of it I can’t have babies. everytime iyou think of doing something think how it will affect your future. you all are still very young. learn from me what I would give to be 15 again and this time make the right chices. if any of you need to talk send me an e-mail vcorral86@yahoo.com i’ve worked with a lot of kids ur age and I can help a lot. i’m not an old fart just maybe bout 7-10 years apart from you guys. take care and be safe.

  35. what is her problem? i mean jesus! who gets prego at the age of 11! I MEAN WAIT TIL YOUR LIKE AT LEAST 15! SEX IS NOT NICE TO DO! SO DONT DO IT! BAD KIDS!


  37. TWISTED_GIRL Says:

    like I said if you’re gonna do it go ahead but just be safe about it. plus the internet doesn’t have all the answers everybody’s different so the best way to get informed is to talk to a proffessional but it can be scary because that would mean talking to tyour parents and sometimes parents aren’t uderstanding at first though I encourage to talk to your parents there’s other alternatives like teen centers where contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and std’s are free for teens. and its strictly confidential.

  38. TWISTED_GIRL Says:

    I meant to say std screenings are free.

  39. NOT TELLING!! Says:

    This is nasty, some of the things you guys are saying, it’s just like….WHY?
    And to the 5 year old’s mom, what in the world were you doing while your child was out in the horrible world getting in trouble, and a 12 year old getting pregnant, that is just wrong! I think It is as well the mother’s fault as it is the daughter’s, How people act, at home towards their children is how they will act once they get out there. the only time you should even have s*x is if you are in a serious relashionship with a man/women and married! And I guarentee the 12 year old and the 5 year old aren’t married, I dont know about you, but I’m getting married first!


    • Anonymous Says:

      Im 11 and im not saying haveing sex at 12 is right but this dam ass shit is geting old age is just a number thats bullshit i had sex at 10 and my britbay is in 18 more days and so thats was about two years ago that shit is old i had my pms at 9 years old fuck that dam shit and i had swx more than 14 times

  40. TWISTED_GIRL Says:

    First of all you don’t know the situation of these children. they might’ve been in the hands of people their parents trusted while they worked or while the children were at school. the media won’t tell you all the facts. they like to exagerate things to make a quick buck. you are right about sex being somethi you do when you’ in commited relationship and you’re older but not a lot of teens feel that way. all we can do is advice them to be safe about it. A kids behavior most of the time is ot the parents fault. some kids are privilaged to have a stay at home mom while the father works and the mom provides moral stucture but in some cases both parents have to work making it harder to provide that sort of structure and giving the kids more time to do what they want. even if they have babysitters and daycare and school, they can’t provide the same nurturing a parent does.

  41. Marleisha Says:

    Why Did Girl 11yrs older Is Get Pregant Ohh Man Stupid Girl Some Ppl Are Slow mind Or Can Be Get Fuck Up Head

  42. ive just hd sex wid my bf we couldnt stop sayin yehh it was lush but y do u gt tht tingil after

  43. yh im 15 my bf is 19 he uses me he calls me a hor but the sex is great

  44. Anonymous Says:

    well i cant belev dat but my bff is f en knocked up too she twel though

  45. let me tell yall a bad story. IM 11 yrs old and im pregnat. this is wat happened…i have an older brother well he aint like ma real brother we just play around so one dayma big bro was smoking and i tried some and i got really high and suddenly ma bro takes me into his house and all im feeling is something good and i cant stop saying mmmm yeah mmm and the next week i find out that im pregnat soooo like u have no idea the living hell im going trough right now……..ma parents dont know and theyre not gonna cuz either i run away or i kill myself. i ruined my life and im just gonna have to pay the consequences god gives me……

    • Anonymous Says:

      god that sucks tell ur parents!!! don kill urself. u would kill ur baby and you, don’t do it. tell ur mom cuz she will blame ur brother not u. He really raped u so don’t blame urself, tell ur mom, and get an abortion if he is ur real brother, cuz it would have like 2 heads cuz ud be related. Its the smart thing to do. I feel awful 4 u

      IM 11 too but not pregnant, I wonder what its like but I don’t want to till im older because of all the sad things Im hearing from girls my age.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You need to tell you moma and dont try to kill your self i tryed 7 times

  46. well im 11 and im pregnat and no i aint proud of it but it wasnt ma fault ma big bro raped me he 16 and well i told him today that im pregnat amn hes all like then get the fuck away 4rom me thats ur problem not mine so yeah. i dont know what to do im like so scared but hey it happened so i guess its time to tell ma parents………

    • Anonymous Says:

      what a bitch!!
      Sorry, but hes your BROTHER and he won’t help you. Im 11 too. Its good u told or are telling ur mom and dad.

      • Anonymous Says:

        is he ur stepbrother or what? Cuz I read ur other comment and you said hes not ur real bro, so…?
        I cant believe that he told u to get away from him it was HIS fuckin fault, he raped you. no offense to ur family, but that sucks an dyour bro is mean!!!

  47. That’s just wrong, did you notice how many of those little girls were raped? Only one of them actually had a boyfriend. Sadness, i feel bad for all of you pregnant little girls that were raped 😦 my Best friend was raped a few times and she told her mom but she didnt believe her, she’s not pregnant though…so that’s good cuz she is only 13 (like me) and she has her whole life ahead of her. people PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, think twice before you have sex it’s not all about pleasure or whatever (i wouldn’t know cuz i’ve never had sex) you have to think of the consequences…not just getting pregnant (use a condom if nothing is going to stop you) but STD’s, and for those of you that have had abortions, did you know that at 20 weeks old the baby has a beating heart? And at 40 weeks old he/she can feel pain? Please don’t have an abortion, there is a baby living inside you know, and don’t commit suicide because it’s not just your life it’s the baby’s life your killing too…please don’t do this to them. If you need someone to talk to you can email me at Marmar051@yahoo.com

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Iam 13 boy been having sex sence i was 12 and so far i have been loving it alot i have made my choice and i will stop till iam Married to someone and i have had sex 6 times it really brought me closser to her i really and love her soo much

  49. Anonymous Says:

    hey im 11 i havent had my period but wen i waz lik 9 this 13 yr old raped me i hadnt caught on until he got me out of my clothes now if i even think about havin sex i always think wat if he forces me wen im not ready i wouldnt call these 11 yr olds stupid dont u think they already have enough pressure on their shoulder do u not think that they are upset that their parents that waz theere desicion and they dont need yall tearing them down but me i think that adleast a first kiss should be magical but these people havin sex wit somone they barely know iz retarded but all of u girls out there that were raped i feel sorry 4 u all and those who got a sexual transmitted disease i feel sorry 4 yall but as long as yall dnt take a life lik urs or ur childs jus liv ur life jus becuz u took 2 steps up and 3 steps back doent mean that u cant take 3 more steps dont jus give up on life jus pray and god will do somthin 4 u if u think im wrong or would lik some mor advice then jus email me at keandrawoods@yahoo.com plez feel free 2 i hav alredy helped 1 of my friends dat waz about 2 make terrible mistake u can b nex

  50. hey i really need yours guys help plz.my big brother raped me and i think i might be pregnat plz help me email me at la_starz2@hotmail.com

  51. Anonymous Says:


    • I think that you are a wonderful person, but i just lost my v-card a few weeks ago to this boy who is 16 (im 14) so should i go see the doctor? should i tell my mom?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    im 20 years old without sucsess of getting pregnant , u girls are taking this forgrangted do u no much i love kids and i feel like i neve will be able too

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I’m 11 years old I have already had my period and I’m not pregnant and I don’t plan on being pregnant until I’m 25 or over. But listen I feel horrible for the girls my age or younger or even older that have got raped and became pregnant or are not pregnant but have been raped. Please don’t have sex until your at least 21 I mean seirously why would you want to have sex so young you could get horrible diseases or get pregnant. Also once again for all you little girls like me or older girls who got rapped and pregnant or just rapepd I feel horrible for you and I’m ashmaed that our world has such sick perverted men that would do that do inocennt childern.

  54. Well im 14 and i believe there is not a certain age you’re suppose to get pregnant at. Yeah you are giving up your youth but i know people that are in there 20’s and arent good mothers!!! You should wait to get married before you have sex but everyone doesnt. I didnt and it was a personal choice. Only God can judge so…just let him guide you

  55. you should not get pregnant at a 11 becus you coud of died from that and i am 10 and if i got pregnant i would be in juve so dont do it agin plz i donte wante you to die ps im not going to get pregnant in tiall i am 18 or older thanke love katie

  56. Anonymous Says:

    im 11 2 and if ure gonna have sex use a condom! wtf! i wud well i did

  57. well im 11 i lost my virginity to a 15 yr old yeah im scared if my mom finds out but i reallly like hima nd i know he likes me too but yeah that was sutped of mehh but so what .. and yeah im gonna keep doing it with him no matter what i dont care if i get pregnant cause i know its from him .. its just that i wouldnt want my mother to find out hell no!

  58. what the heck! i’m 11 and i got my period like 2 months ago. why would u 11 year olds even feel like u need sex? u all think u just meet a boy and then suddenly u need to hook up, well thats not how to be in a relationship. of course all of us girls want to meet a guy that would treat us right and then get married. the right way 2 be in a relationship is 2 go out for a few years and then he would propose. and u will maybe have a kid at the right age. i hope 2 find my true love when i’m at least 19. and not have sex untill i’m married. so follow my advice 2 not having sex. its just sick and makes me wanna cry!!! DON’T HAVE SEX UNTILL UR MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sicko’s

    • Anonymous Says:

      Infact whoever who reads this shouldn’t follow the advice of a 11 year old. Follow the advice of someone who is qualified to or atleast expieriance!

  59. Anonymous Says:

    what was it like?

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Really what was it like i want 2 know peeple

  61. Anonymous Says:

    No seriously guys, whats sex like??? I’ve been thinkin about it. some peeps say it suxs but some say its awesome, whats it like don’t just say good cuz that don explain nothin

    • Anonymous Says:

      Sex is great. I am the most recent comment and it’s just the best feeling in the world. I’m not religious, I just go by mind. It’s really nice when you’re with someone you love and care about and that’s sex for me 😀

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I’m 13 boy. I’ve had sex. The amazing thing is is that I used a condom. Now I love this girl so much and together we are better. Sex is great – but when you know it is going to be. You have to think, and be very careful.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    wow lol bitch

  64. The name Isz CRYSTALL(: Says:

    okkay well ithink all you little girls that are saying its stupid to be a five yearoldd&+pregnant are not getting the point of the five yearold pregnant little girl…. she was rapped! (meaning-she probably didnt want to do it! she was sexualy abbused&shee didnt kno ritte from wrong..)
    but yess all the girls that are pregnant beckause they wanted to get pregnant or bekuasee they didnt care about what they were doing ithink yall are just aboulutly fuckinqq stupiiddd! You all still live with your parent or grandparent..&+if not somebody has a roof over your head! why not wait and be able to provide for yourself?! and your childd too not only gett whatt yall need butt much morre.. andd if you are sexualy active justt be savve if he really likkes you he’ll do whahtt ever for, you makke him get a check up ..ckause if itt turns out thatt you gett a dissease in the endd you’ll seriously regrett itt… its better you be safe and yall both get a check up before you have sex bekusz if you find out after wards that you have a diseasee it will bee evin morre embarrising telling himm thatt..
    Trust mee im not trying to put my bussiness out likke thattt butt ijjust want yall to be saffe.. beckausee i did it with my boifraind and ijust found out ihavee a sexually transmitted dissease today..andd it was rather embarriisingg too tell himm.. imeen its minor and ican get rid of itt but still just knowing that you have a diseasse makkes you feel madd,and scarred likke how can this happen to mee&+ievin thott he was going to brake up withh mee soo yeahh icried..lol &+im fourteen about tuh be fifteen sadd isnt itt….well mainn pointt…theirs nuthing rong with having sexx,just be carefull who its withh..orr evin who you kiszz…. &some people like that your taking care of your self& it makes them wantt you evin morre…lol

    • Please talk proper English, because I couldn’t read half of that

    • I agree with Sas, is it so hard to spell fucking properly? Really dude. I want to be able to know what my readers are thinking not try and decrypt some meth addicts late night ramblings. I understand if you don’t speak English and I would be willing to take my comments back if you are able to speak two or more languages but if English is your first and only language, read a couple of books or read a free grammar lesson online. Hell! Spell checker should be your god if you have no time or are too lazy for the things mentioned above.

      Also, the topic is about the 11 year old. A lot of people who have commented talk about the 11 year old mentioned in the article. The youngest was a 5 year old and she was raped, you are correct there but your comment doesn’t hold for the 11 year old as she was not raped. This 11 year old got preggers on her free will and her own stupidity. Just to clear things up. Girls who get drunk, smoke, have sex, and then be surprised they are pregnant are more likely of getting diseases and spreading them (espeically to their baby) than the 5 year old kid.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    im 6 and im pregant

  66. his is not candace its her friend and i am 11 and pregnit. how is it i am scard about it and i do not know what to do about it. and i know i am sure about it cause i have not had my period. and the pregnitsy test said i was and i am big now.

  67. you kids need to stop playing thats someone life yur talking about please give these kids the right advice before they harming themself for the next resort please they need u guys to listen to them.The reason i had to comment on this is because i just found out that my 11yrs old is pregnant an before you all go judging my daughter was over to her friends house in that my daughter friend mother was letting a 13yrs old boy come over to see my daughter and she let them have sex. and i didnt find out until my daughter kept getting sick and i took her to da doctor and thats when i found out she was pregnant as a mother i am very hurt but i gota stand bye my daughter side to get her through this pregnancy

  68. im 11 and im single and am still a virgin.and i like this guy but ive heard that he only likes me for my bodyand wants to use it for sex. so i dont know if i should let him. please help me.thxs

  69. i am 11 years old and i live with my boyfriend in an apartment with another girl and her boy friend it is ok i never will get pregant at that age u are stupid if u do oh i like this website

  70. hey kelsey don’t go out with him or ask him if that is what he wants if it is don’t go out with him thx kkshell

  71. What should i do i don’t know if im pregnant i never had sex and i haven’t had my period yet but i think im pregenant

  72. Anonymous Says:

    wow im 11 and i have a bf and my mom nos him but she doesn’t no we go out all she nos is that i like him and he likes me but after reading this i most defintly with be careful..

  73. i had sex about 10 times with this 15 year old boy and i love him a whole lot and im going to do it for a long time now and we were like ya baby faster faster dont stop go go go go go

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  78. I’m 11 and I don’t know if im pregnant..:/ well I used my mums dildo (maybe had my dads sperm on?)-I know it’s disgusting but Please don’t judge me, I’m freaked out enough as it is and its ruining my life!!!:'( I haven’t started my periods yet, but I heard you can still get pregnant before. I have sore breasts, I’m frequently going to the toilet, I have a few mood swings and a few cramps.. Please help me:'(

    • go to someone you can trust and tell them wat happen and then go to a doc you can trust and get check! RITE AWAY!

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  81. BETTYE WILKS Says:


  82. if u 11 or 5 and u aint gonna use a fuckin condom than dont have sex until highschool

  83. shania livi45h Says:

    hahahah wow……… well i think all yo guys need to chill the fuck out….WHAT THE FUCKS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! you guys are still too young…..i know they say YOLO but don’t have sex!!!!! sick kids in our generation

  84. wow! if u no ur going t have sex @ least spare ur self from getting prego and everyone talks about u. Its embarrising and shame……AND SHANIA LIVI45H IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. shania livi45h Says:

    YESSS!!!!!!!! someone who speaks english……..:) but owell we all learn from mistakes right

  86. I’m 11 years. Old and I am a girl and I haven’t been doing this but I am not pregnant.u kno.I am way too freaking young for that and I have a busy life so I really don’t have time for that……if I did end up getting prego then I wouldn’t kill my baby,I would keep it and love it until the end of time.

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    • annabelle Says:

      That 5 year old was born with a problem and it makes her lady sift grow really fast so she startedto have period at 3 and her mother saw a swelling on her belly and went straight to the hospital and the docter said she had that problem but she all ready knew but anyway her pregnacy is caused by her overies being closed to gether and which means she got her self pregnant and gave birth to the baby 9 months later it was a healthy boy and she was fine and the baby grew up thinking its gran ma was its mum and its mum is his sister till he was 16

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